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Gümüşlük (turkish for "made of silver) is 25 km away from Bodrum and 60 km from Bodrum-Milas international airport, from where you have excellent international air traffic connections. The surroundings offer lots of mediterranean flair. There are small restaurants directly by the sea.




From history we know that after Gümüşlük – previously Myndos – was established the population spread rapidly throughout the coastal region. The harbor was well protected. It is still possible to view the ruins of a byzantine church. In 44 B.C. Caesar’s murderers Brutus and Cassius used Myndos as their headquarters.


Eklisia Church

The 450-year old church in the center of town is used regularly for concerts. An annual music festival is held here.



Rabbit Island

Many antique remains of the town of Myndos can be seen on Rabbit Island. The island is off Gümüşlük and can be reached on foot via a fort.



The exclusive restaurant with the most stunning sea view in all Gümüşlük. Stroll along the wonderful beach and enjoy a long evening, lit up with torches floating in the water.


Yali Mevkii 44/1, Gümüşlük
T: +902 523 943 139



Sakiz Ana

The personal charm of the landlady Ruber Sakiz, whose name means "Mother Sakiz" is the heart and soul of this cozy, homey bistro. It is famous for its healthy, good-value bakes, but be sure not to miss "Mother Sakiz" fantastic desserts.

Yahsi 133, on the right side on the northern road towards Ortakent
T: +902 523 483 703



Visit Bodrum’s picturesque café with that certain hippie chic. Marvel at the sunset, enjoy the exquisite aegean cuisine outdoors and spoil yourself with Limon’s own drinks and cocktails.


Yali Mevkii 1
T: +902 523 944 044



In this popular restaurant you can chose from 60 different meze as a starter. The fresh grilled fish served here is excellent.

Gerisalti 54, Yalikavak
T: +902 523 855 386


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